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Meraki  was born with the purpose of to develop services based on real experiences obtained in different industries, public and private, not only applying theory and technical concepts, as well as taking into account the internal reality of the organizations and the external social, economic and environmental levels. Our focus is to provide adequate, personalized, practical and feasible services in the short and medium time frame for the organizations.


Supported by a professional work team that stands out for its knowledge and thinking and innovative strategy, but with great firmness to plan and act in a real way in the development and fulfillment of our clients' strategic objectives.


We have representatives in different countries such as Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, Italy, United States, Canada, Australia and Taiwan. We also have Strategic Allies in other countries with whom we plan and develop beneficial activities and growth for organizations.

Meraki is more than a consulting firm, it is a strategic ally for the internationalization of your organization, we are aware of the work you have done to be where you are and the conscientious work you must develop to ensure that internationalization is a smooth strategy and results.


Let us be your strategic ally and at the same time be part of your team working in International Trade. We are here to serve you!  




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